Robot arm in good shape, Mars rover set to resumed trek

Robot arm in good shape, Mars rover set to resumed trek
Engineers testing the Curiosity Mars rover are wrapping up a series of robot arm calibration and motion tests before resuming a slow trek toward a nearby rock formation this weekend, on the lookout for a suitable stone to reach out and touch in an …
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This fan-made Anime-style Star Wars Video blows our minds.
We love Star Wars here at Big Shiny Robot, and it's no secret that many of us bots also enjoy classic anime such as Robotech, Gundam Wing, and other series that defined the genre of sci fi / mecha anime. Well, Otaking77077 has done something truly …
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Pentagon's Robot Cheetah Outruns Usain Bolt
Robots are already stronger than humans, able to lift thousands of pounds at a time. In many ways, they're smarter than people, too; machines can perform millions of calculations per second, and even beat us at chess. But we could at least take solace …
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