Robot at Street Performer’s Fair, Dublin 2009

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22 Responses to Robot at Street Performer’s Fair, Dublin 2009

  1. jemozab says:

    i am fucking afraid

  2. David Alan says:

    5:48, favorite part, rest of vid is boring

  3. gerinverno79 says:

    claro que no es un robot, no sean pendejos se nota claramente que esun tipo disfrazado.

  4. roarzasaurasrex says:

    still cool none the less

  5. ivhen chen says:


  6. debmarkus says:

    original comment.

  7. mickdundee4 says:

    Uh, yea, I have an iPhone that can play MUSIC!! There’s better robot videos on here than this one! 😛 Waste of time. There’s 8:41 I’ll never get back. :(

  8. HitmanOnDrugs says:

    … You guys really think it’s a robot? Understanding reality FAIL.

  9. Tomek Spawn says:

    Real Terminator. Babe!

  10. Sue Burgess says:

    Modern Technology that Kills ..

  11. Sue Burgess says:

    Yep, First they gain your Complete Trust … and then when your guard is completely down … Attack!!

  12. Mordean20 says:

    totally can tell it is a person in a robot suite. the mirror looking thing in the middle is where his head is so that he can actually see

  13. warriorharris1208 says:

    Is the robot gay? It moves like a gay guy.

  14. ikarooz says:

    A lot of hard work, time and money to produce. I would think he paid the royalties or the vid would have been pulled. Fun for the youngsters, but it got old fast for me, especially the gear effects.

  15. eikelism says:

    You really need to get laid, the most pathetic comment i ever read on YouTube for real.

  16. Fernando Islas says:

    the robot’s ass hahahahaha

  17. apdarkness905 says:

    Thank you for the reply and answering my question, it makes you wonder how long it’ll be before we being entertained by real robots in the street. 

  18. Fons van der Pol says:

    the technology is already out there and toyota, sony and Honda are making real robots that do anything but this what u see here is just a man in a suite. this is a stupid act without any robots.

  19. Princessy Zooz says:

    omg I KNOW!!!

  20. apdarkness905 says:

    I know this could be considered a very stupid question but are these real robots or poeple in suits? I’m just curious.

  21. 20Stephanus says:

    10 years from now, these docile bots won’t be singing and reciting famous popculture quotes. No. they will be reciting the laws of the New Order which you are breaking!

  22. riahi faouzi says:

    this is not a real robot!!! i guess it’s a man wearing a plastic costume like iron man or spider man.isn’t it!

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