Robot at Street Performer’s Fair, Dublin 2009

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22 thoughts on “Robot at Street Performer’s Fair, Dublin 2009

  1. Uh, yea, I have an iPhone that can play MUSIC!! There’s better robot videos on here than this one! 😛 Waste of time. There’s 8:41 I’ll never get back. 🙁

  2. A lot of hard work, time and money to produce. I would think he paid the royalties or the vid would have been pulled. Fun for the youngsters, but it got old fast for me, especially the gear effects.

  3. the technology is already out there and toyota, sony and Honda are making real robots that do anything but this what u see here is just a man in a suite. this is a stupid act without any robots.

  4. 10 years from now, these docile bots won’t be singing and reciting famous popculture quotes. No. they will be reciting the laws of the New Order which you are breaking!

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