Robot battle

Robot battle

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Standard pub conversation: which robot from films and that would win in a fight?

6 thoughts on “Robot battle

  1. No, what it was, was that Optimus Prime, Megatron and that one from I, Robot are all in the final fight. I said that Optimus Prime would win, but then it was pointed out that Optimus Prime and Megatron, being old enemies, would fight each other and ignore that one out of I, Robot. Therefore, all that one out of I, Robot needed to do was wait til Optimus Prime had beaten Megatron (the bad guy never wins in the end) and then, that one out of I, Robot could take advantage of Optimus Prime’s post-battle weakened state and use his youth and exuberance to whup Optimus Prime’s arse, thus winning. It’s sneaky, but they always are.

  2. Data and bishop are androids. What the firickin’ balls is edward sisscorhands doing in there? Is that jonny 5 pre-lightning, when he had a laser and was all blowing up tanks and that? coz i seriously think he could have taken bender before he turned into a goddamned hippy. HAL=no moving parts=a bit unfair. Robbie is the robot from the forbidden planet, the lost in space one is called… Robot! Sort it out!

  3. There is no android "issue"! Androids are robots designed to resemble humans, therefore, are robots. Edward Scissorhands was all built from stuff by Vincent Price, all mechanical bits and that. Therefore, robot also. It was the rubbish hippy Johnny 5. As for HAL, I have no idea who that is, so I left that to Tom. And, Robby and The Robot were both designed by the same person so I think we can be forgiven for getting a bit confused at midnight in the pub. 😉

  4. Maybe it would be safer to round them all up under a general "automaton" heading. I would also be interested to see a "monsters from films" showdown. gozilla, the alien, marlon brando, etc.

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