Robot Chicken: Cat Abuse

If you see something, say something. Or just pee on something.
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14 Responses to Robot Chicken: Cat Abuse

  1. mike Orr says:

    does anyone think that the black-and-white cat sounds like the robot nicolas cage?

  2. mostar1219 says:

    the black-and-white cat in the bar looks familiar

  3. Gabriel botowsl says:

    . >: 

  4. Gabriel botowsl says:

    Well this is compared to women abuse

  5. Catrina Miram says:

    He also managed to wire up a record player to the stereo and played records in his car. This was back in the 70’s lol.

  6. Catrina Miram says:

    LoL. I was just starting High School when this first came out. My dad had just retired from the police force and started his own Private Investigation Business. He was often nick named ‘Gadget’ as he invented things before their time. Like the computers in police cars for instance. His first computer set up in his patrol car, the main frame took up the whole trunk space. They used to laugh at him over it and look at them now.

  7. Catrina Miram says:

    Still a pretty close rendition of his voice though. Couldn’t help but to laugh as I can relate as my cat will leave me ‘bombs’ when I’ve upset him. Moody little bastard. lol

  8. ThisisRubbishlo says:


  9. MrDreamReal1 says:

    80;s i remember the tv airing this cartoon back in 2002 :P kinder garden years xD

  10. DaveJ721 says:

    They didn’t get Frank Welker to do the voice of Doctor Claw……pity.

  11. Catrina Miram says:

    Um, Inspector Gadget, the cartoon back in the 80’s

  12. xboxlion1995 says:

    Lol!!! cat piss on my chair dammit!!

  13. senorretard says:

    I have a feeling seth green voices that white cat

  14. indoorin says:

    I just contracted AIDs from how gay that post was.

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