Robot Chicken Couch Gag | THE SIMPSONS | ANIMATION on FOX

Did you catch the couch gag animated in stop motion by the Robot Chicken team? Watch it here! Subscribe now for more The Simpsons clips:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Robot Chicken Couch Gag | THE SIMPSONS | ANIMATION on FOX

  1. UZF3 says:

    Hey, put the chicken back on!

  2. pokeman411 says:

    I’d like to see this as the apology for the Homer Shake

  3. Ren TimH says:

    Tough choices for me for couch gags.. John K.’s or Robot Chicken?

  4. The Nintendo Gamer says:


  5. MrEpicman360 says:

    I love this couch gag

  6. Jared Tanelus says:

    I hate robot chicken Chris: I heard that you son of a bitch!

  7. Luis Morales says:

    This should be on the new Robot Chicken episode.

  8. Valter Östberg says:

    It’s true. With The Simpsons, four days can feel like an eternity.

  9. Sam Daniels says:

    Super Homer Simpsons from robot chicken

  10. VideoGamerUnboxerF says:

    Hey put the chicken one back one

  11. triumph2992 says:

    So is this for the Simpsons or for Robot Chicken? Or both?

  12. Homer Simpson says:

    D”oh! I look so nice as an Action Figure ;))

  13. TheSoulMan8 says:

    what because I don’t like a show that hasn’t been funny in over 10 years? It’s called an opinion.

  14. jack denton says:


  15. Zak Stuart says:


  16. warcloud463 says:


  17. TheKrazyGuyUKno says:

    Didn’t live up to the hype… :/

  18. ZombyMammoth says:

    not only did it have its moments it had plenty of em. the worst episodes were back in season 19. everyone was too busy doing the simpsons movie to put effort into them. the worst 2 episodes are the ones in that season where homer makes a gothic band called that 90s show and the one where all of springfield are back in the black slave days i think called the color yellow. the episode you are talking about is a gold plated cock compared to those 2. that was simpsons lowest point

  19. AlkisenSuper says:

    It HAS some funny moments, but the execution of the storyline overall is absolutely awful, which is why the grade is brought down. They FINALLY find some freakin’ guardians after wasting 16 minutes of time, and then don’t even SEE how Bart and Lisa are doing at the guardians?! We get, like, ONE minute of them being there, and it’s like it already have gone six months! WTF?! One of the worst episodes I’ve seen.

  20. ZombyMammoth says:

    for instance when they were walking and Homer was riding there ass in his car

  21. ZombyMammoth says:

    i don’t know what episode they are by there titles because i’m not a memorizing twat face, but If that’s the one where bart and lisa get those cool parents as their guardians then i can list you plenty of funny moments in that episode.

  22. AlkisenSuper says:

    You are a fucking idiot. People remember terrible episodes just as much as great ones. And I saw all of them pretty recently. REALLY, try watching “The Changing Of The Guardian” and NOT saying you’re dissapointed!

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