Robot Chicken: Homonym

The wonderful, and musical, world of language. (Original airdate: 12/21/08)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Robot Chicken: Homonym

  1. edhock65 says:


  2. ShadamyFan32 says:


  3. Khari Marquette says:

    Homo-nyms 😀

  4. Khari Marquette says:

    School House Rock

  5. Javier Hernadz says:

    Give me some views

  6. joshua davis says:

    you know this is rally hellpful cuz when i say stuff like that i get in trouble……… stupid little girl thanx alot

  7. bussymom06 says:

    Not awezome

  8. EvolMuzik4ever says:

    I love how the related videos are children songs…funny!

  9. SavageRush012 says:

    It’s a parody of “Schoolhouse Rock!” It was a TV series that ran from around 1973 to 2000 or 2001. It was basically made up of musical short films that taught math/multiplication tables, grammar, science, American history, computers, economics, politics, and environmentalism. Most Americans in their late teens or early twenties today saw this at one time or another on video in school. Mainly in elementary, and middle school. This particular parody was a spoof of the short explaining nouns.

  10. PKMNcharizard1995 says:

    WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY better than the original! XD

  11. Tamás János says:

    What does this one parodize? It sounds kinda familiar but cant renember the name

  12. Wheelerleader says:

    Homonym a noun meaning a really sexually active gay person

  13. Wheelerleader says:

    Rachel Macfarlane I think

  14. ninjaglare91 says:

    “All the learning you’ll ever need” Damn strait.

  15. davenger13 says:

    funny and informative : ) nuff said

  16. Aladelicous says:

    Youtube has ads?!? I guess I was right to get adblock.

  17. 00WhiteBlade says:

    I love robot chicken!

  18. Grndyfn1994 says:

    So a dike is a crack on a wall! Interesting!!!

  19. Grndyfn1994 says:

    Which guest star sang this?

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