Robot Chicken: I Am Needed Upstairs

Robot Chicken: I Am Needed Upstairs

Of course it’s important to be protected during discreet bouts of adultery, but a visit from Trojan Man tends to blow your cover. (Original airdate 12/07/08)…

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13 Responses to Robot Chicken: I Am Needed Upstairs

  1. DrunkSquirrelFilm says:

    The reservior is for your semen!

  2. 77Supasid77 says:


  3. potatodude100 says:

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  5. eastwing329 says:

    Well… that went south quickly.

  6. PrawjectExpress says:

    “Her vagina will appreciate your forethought!” “Would you shut the f*** up already?!”

  7. FlippySuper says:

    until 0:17 “oh well this looks pretty neat” 0:19 “Ohhh robot chicken, you did it again you magnifiicent bastard!”

  8. kaosleeroy108 says:

    they deserve an award for the immoral love it all 

  9. awsome1837 says:


  10. NothinPersonal007 says:

    More apple pie for us huh!

  11. SkeletonHelloKitty says:

    LMFAO! xD

  12. daniel66static says:

    More Dethklok!!! Please!!

  13. TheEureka41 says:

    Please don’t disgrace the good name of food/ apple pie.

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