Robot Chicken: Jack in Peace

Do you like the movie ‘Titanic’? How about sea creatures? Not anymore, you don’t.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Robot Chicken: Jack in Peace

  1. TheNIGHTCREED13 says:

    Haha 00:17 horny Dolphin

  2. Komicklepto says:

    Believe it or not, dolphins have been known to actually do that in real life 😛

  3. U3X6785 says:

    Love the horny dolphin.

  4. LaDracul says:

    I was perhaps one of the few women who didn’t care about the film…and this amuses me. :)

  5. princebonbonable says:

    Better Love Story Than Twilight….

  6. MrFdiddy1 says:


  7. SuperSonAmyFan says:

    Already have

  8. 360ziggy says:

    ironically, I pictured the same thing when I first saw it.

  9. italo cifuentes says:

    I want you to watch robot chicken Kirby,s secret problem

  10. SuperHushPuppy says:

    Thank you for the Parody Seth Green.

  11. Javier Cardoso says:

    childhood destroyed

  12. Rainb0wWarri0r says:

    Were any of these animals on the Dead Space team?

  13. hydrall9 says:

    I was expecting something entirely different from the title.

  14. Aznkrusdr says:

    Damn nature, you’re scary!

  15. jonas658 says:

    who gives a fuck about his body? its just a body his soul is in heaven for the sacrifice he did

  16. jonas658 says:

    resting in pieces more like

  17. iWolfVulpes says:

    That’s just disgusting

  18. Something6000 says:


  19. gangstarainbowdash says:

    ill pick up your bones when im done – Naked Snake

  20. Powerjoy64 says:

    Jack is resting in pieces

  21. Leonardo Hernandez says:


  22. Berlice Anqui says:

    Jack is resting in peace NOT

  23. Richard Manson says:

    He did,nt feel a thing.

  24. BloodyFargo0129 says:

    more like resting in pieces

  25. james young Kwon says:

    So the video is 33 sec and the commencial is 30 sec i just spend 1 min

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