Robot Chicken: Kirby’s Secret Problem

Robot Chicken: Kirby's Secret Problem

Kirby does NOT need that noise today.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Robot Chicken: Kirby’s Secret Problem

  1. McAusten says:

    Why the hell does Yoshi sounds a lot like Elmo from Sesame Street?

  2. darkheart1998 says:

    I wish. Where did you get it from?

  3. BlackPikmin1998 says:

    I have a Kirby action figure but he’s on a warpstar and it has wheels. Thumbs up if you have it too.

  4. scdragon99 says:

    this was so awesome. i like exploded with otakuness. robot chicken……… GOOD JOB!

  5. kottonkandiesweetie says:

    Lol i always dreamed of a kirby skit. Now make one for Kid icaris .PLEASE ROBOT CHICKEN! And make others for nintendo video games like Metriod Earthbound and all those other games besides Mario. I want to see Robot chicken make skits for these instead. It would be interesting to see. There is too much Mario.

  6. m9gamingteam says:


  7. Yoshi14832 says:

    What got me was “Uh this is none of my business but….you have a problem.”

  8. maleak2 says:

    Wacthing this on tv

  9. Edward Enwere says:

    Kirby’s sceret problem= Bulimia

  10. DJCrazyHouseOfficial says:

    He said Kirby doesn’t need that noise… But he is Kirby.

  11. princebonbonable says:

    Bowser Please!!!

  12. Christina Fylonenko says:


  13. Warbearer says:

    A Robot Chicken parody on Smash Bros.? Nice!

  14. BestindaBidness1337 says:

    Dont inhale them!! Kill them with your hammer!!!! Lol

  15. Aaron Gonzales says:


  16. George Moncayo says:

    a book called the stones cry out by Randall Price shows alot of archaeology that supports the Bible.

  17. George Moncayo says:

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  18. Zaja Baker says:

    Haha! The voices they chose for these characters are hilarious! Especially Kirby and the waddle dee :)

  19. GENIUSGT says:

    Alright, I go see a doctor about it.

  20. LnMsNoWmAnXXI says:

    the fu*k dude >_<

  21. keliza702265 says:

    Omg! Was that a minnie kirby??!! 😉 :)♥

  22. legocontrollerjr says:

    Isnt kirby a guy?

  23. yummyjuice16 says:

    Kirby looks like a pink gumball, with an eating disorder.

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