Robot Chicken: Thursday the 12th

Robot Chicken: Thursday the 12th

The bulk of Jason Voorhees’ life is pretty boring. (Original airdate 12/14/08)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to Robot Chicken: Thursday the 12th

  1. Thaddaeus Young says:


  2. BalmierElf9015 says:

    Poor Jason

  3. connor kelly says:

    LOL wang

  4. georgia tobo says:

    I suspect Montage Man is somehow involved.

  5. uradumbassfullofshit says:

    Thanks :-p

  6. Amanda Wang says:

    I’ve watched this video about a million times

  7. dhoward405 says:

    What the fuck is wrong with you people its a damn video.

  8. Nicholosity says:

    Well played…

  9. Spoons109 says:

    Haha what the fuck happened? People, stop bitching and enjoy the stupid video!

  10. FilmKid090 says:


  11. Wheelerleader says:

    I’m an illogical person 

  12. Shamxdatubewatcher says:

    and please, get the fuck off the internet, you racist piece of crap. No-one cares about me on the internet, but it would be much better without you.

  13. Shamxdatubewatcher says:

    *dreams racist bitch.

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