Robot Chicken: Wildman

Wildman shares some of his wild wisdom, and sometimes a name is just a name. (Original airdate: 12/14/08)

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17 Responses to Robot Chicken: Wildman

  1. matdoomn says:

    Two people controlled the wheels whilst one controlled the steering.

  2. Mowogjones says:

    Clutch, gearchange, throttle

  3. Frost Bite says:

    48 ounces of water a day? What’s he trying to do, make my bladder explode?

  4. demondogunlimited says:

    Lol the crazy frog motorbike

  5. wilde1 says:


  6. Megaman X says:

    I love how they are playing excitebike on a Super Nintendo.

  7. JMVpokefan says:

    Yeah, I guess I did speak too soon… but miraculously it still looks calm to me :p

  8. nwojunkie says:

    anyone else keep thinking that was Steven Tyler?

  9. mycolddeadeyes says:

    That was Sebastian Bach voicing Wild man.

  10. Brady Anderson says:

    That sounds very familiar to Sebastian Bach…..

  11. glitchhunter09 says:

    It’s actually footage recycled from their Excitebike sketch. =P

  12. King Arthur says:

    and they are on level 25? wtf i don’t remember that!

  13. supermaletperson says:


  14. ForbiddenFury416 says:

    Awwwww Yeaaaaaah

  15. Michael Luberacki says:

    Sega genesis

  16. NeoDaReaper says:

    Everything he said is true, especially the thing at the end about gay marriage. It’s NOT alright!

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