Robot Combat League 3rd episode

“A Hero’s Journey” is the name of the third episode. Two more preliminary rounds, Game Over vs Axe and Robo Hammer vs Drone Strike. Copyrights © 2013, Syfy. …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Robot Combat League 3rd episode

  1. Cole Graham says:

    Chris Jericho is the worst commentator ever…

  2. Verde00FF00 says:

    Colección Hellboy: Historias extrañasuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lolololololoo

  3. Verde00FF00 says:


  4. Order7Productions says:

    Am I the only one that has noticed that only the underdogs win?

  5. mikanana123 says:

    Any robot from “robot arena” will torn into pieces this “robots” :) Bad english,i know… xD

  6. chris2no2mames says:

    Good thing I am still young so I can see this evolve into something that will truly be epic

  7. koran holder says:

    I was going for A.X.E

  8. Enul Solaris says:

    Absolute Rule – Robots Must Not Be Sentient, Human Remote Only!

  9. Enul Solaris says:

    “Rules Of Construction” – Maybe 3D Headset For Robot Virtualisation GoPro Head Tracker FPV - PROJECT (Search On Youtube) Headsets On Two Team Help Intergration (Same View From Robot Head) And Communication Between TeamMates! If They Had an Arena In Oz And Some “Actual Build Specs” As A Guide I Might Even Consider Building One Myself! “Actual Build Specs” – Size, Weight,- Head Torso Arms Legs Must Be Separate – As In Head Not Welded To Torso Cheat! Need Specs As A Build Guideline!

  10. Enul Solaris says:

    Basic Combat Skeletons For Sale At … Sketeton Any Muscles – Any , Fluidic, NanoMuscle, Pully, Compressed Air Etc Armour Any , as In Leather Kevlar Metal Rollcage And Any Combination There Of Teams Must Be In Two’s – Good Mix Builds Anticipation Of Outcomes Human Robot Remote Interface – Any Control Chips – Any Allows For Testing Of Robotic Parts And Technology In An Extreem Enviroment! Anyones Robot Can Participate! Absolute Rule – Robots Must Not Be Sentient, Human Remote Only!

  11. Enul Solaris says:

    Basic Construction Idealisation “Rules Of Construction” – Control Circuits to be “In The Head” – Power And Pump Controls In The Chest – Height Restrictions No Higher Than “” And No Shorter Than “” – Head Torso Arms Legs Must Be Separate As In Head Not Welded To Torso Cheat!

  12. declan hutchinson says:

    for the solid fatal hits

  13. Enul Solaris says:

    It occurs to me that the “Rules Of Construction” should actually specify the control circuits to be “In The Head” Otherwise The Head Is Pointless. Arms And Midsection seem to be the weak points! Designing Easy Swap Parts would be of interest, as snapin and lock to replace part! Kewl! Like The Two Team Combo Makes For Interesting Mix! And Yeah “More Fake Sparks” lol! After All Its Entertainment! My Money Is On The Leather Armour Robot As Leather Is Absorbing Shock Damage!

  14. Xue Xiong says:

    what’s with the fake sparks …

  15. D0S81 says:


  16. D0S81 says:

    from the moment i saw reel steel i was like ”they have to do this for real” and though its not like the movie, its a step in the right direction. and i can see it evolving through the years and becoming more and more like reel steel in real life. the next step will be 360o movement round the ring. the only gripe i have about this, and most american competition shows, is the amount of times they show you whats coming after the break, it bugs the hell out of me.

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