'Robot Combat League': Bot designer talks Syfy's new 'Real Steel'-eqsue

'Robot Combat League': Bot designer talks Syfy's new 'Real Steel'-eqsue
Robot boxing isn't just for your little Rock'em Sock'em game anymore. In the new Syfy series Robot Combat League, metal giants dole out powerful punches on other robots. Much like in the Hugh Jackman-starring Real Steel, competitors shadowbox in an …
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NASA Probes Discover New Van Allen Belt
Within days of being launched, two NASA Van Allen probes made a major discovery: the Earth has a previously unknown third Van Allen radiation belt! Normally, a new probe goes through a slow power up and testing procedure that may take months but an …
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From TED, the Future of Robots: 4D Printing, Personalization and Adaptation
What's next for robots? They're becoming smarter, more personalized, more adaptive. But at the same time they're becoming more complex and capable, they're also becoming more basic. One MIT scientist, for instance, is trying to program physical …
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