15 Replies to “Robot Combat League – February 26th at 10/9c on Syfy”

  1. Robot Wars or something like it. It was very innovative and fun to watch I remember. They were remote controlled, and while not human size and human life like were very cool. What I do not like about this show is no WEAPONS, more like Robot Boxing or Real Steel like action.

  2. I’m a FIRST coach, and I’m thankful for the general awareness of robot competition that this will help raise. It will also give us a good foil to hold up against the core values of FIRST: “Kids, this is super cool, and the exact opposite of how real teams work together in the real world to accomplish lasting good.”

  3. I love how they televise this and not FIRST, one of the oldest and largest robotics competitions in the world. Probably cause the aim of FIRST is cooperation and good sportsmanship, not mindless destruction and drama.

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