robot dance

david elsewhere, 2004.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to robot dance

  1. huubje228 says:

    whats the name of this song?

  2. ROBIN1237234 says:

    This guy V.S. Michael Jackson who’s going to win??

  3. sasuketiger says:

    of course he has! they’re made of rubber!

  4. Ronald Rodriguez Duran says:

    Please watch my robotieso video and tell me what you think.

  5. Slinkywheel says:

    I want to see a live x-ray of his skeleton while doing this dance

  6. NegerJump says:

    damn good quality for 240p

  7. Mohammed Wini says:

    so what?! i can dance better than him….in fact i can walk like a robot ….even the robot itself can’t walk like a robot better than me

  8. Brandon Lewis says:


  9. HempNinja91 says:

    this is how i keep my virginity

  10. Nug9393 says:

    twisty robot 😀

  11. gabriel9andrade says:

    who practice this all day?

  12. Shack Ferraria says:

    AWESOME! o:

  13. FifthAce7 says:

    This is not robot dance ! This is liquid dance !

  14. icemanicm says:

    i was on this when it first came out

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