Robot Defense Simulator

After Playing Mann versus Machine for about a week, this is pretty much what seems to happen every single round. I am not sure why the Sentry Buster was black In gmod but I kept it since It looked cooler in my opinion. Like a Sea Mine All music is from the mvm music folder in TF2

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20 Responses to Robot Defense Simulator

  1. IAmWarriors22 says:

    1:20 My reaction to most of you’re video’s

  2. edgarz114 says:

    No, Really its laggy pyro….

  3. tHeDuDe DK says:


  4. carlos garcía camús says:

    i have a better title: “Mann vs Machine in a nutshell”

  5. victorarts3000 says:

    0:50 Best voiceline ever!

  6. TheMoroPL says:

    MvM in a nutshell

  7. MystLunarabne says:

    Should of had a sniper.

  8. lizardmen98 says:

    0:07 me on a good day

  9. supersp456 says:

    Same here. (Voice) NeoDelta: Help! (Voice) NeoDelta: Help! (Voice) NeoDelta: Help! “Dammit Neo, what’s wrong?” Me: “Mind going to spawn?” *Guy starts micspamming Benny Hills while he watches*

  10. edgarz114 says:

    Its laggy pyro!

  11. Kilesfactor says:

    What’s wrong with the Pyro? Not enough Cocanium?

  12. Oidnoid says:

    this video is 99% accurate by itself, the fact that it loops makes is 100%

  13. AwesomeSauce1171 says:

    Run towards they wait untill te begin to detonate then run like hell.

  14. Ultrashroomz says:

    I bursted into laughter at 1:09 XD

  15. S0up3rD0up3r says:

    I just walk up to the sentry buster with my sentry and walk away before it explodes.

  16. DerEwigeZweifler says:

    1:25 …Yep, Thats Me…Probaly

  17. Pikazilla says:

    what’s the point of having a Jag here?

  18. unomasynojodemosmas says:

    spy is the best part

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