Robot Dubstep

Robot Dubstep

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15 Responses to Robot Dubstep

  1. johan kjolbro says:

    no hes a robot

  2. Murillo Santos says:

    After Effects?

  3. Jetboy9000 says:

    This reminds me of cyriak. Not creepy enough to be him, but it is still good.

  4. StopMotionPromotion says:

    Truly Amazing!

  5. dionmaster01 says:

    obviously it isn’t fake…

  6. radiun51 says:

    Really? How can you tell?!

  7. kenny truong says:


  8. Kobato666 says:

    omg everyone is saying its fake… well yeh, no shit

  9. Kobato666 says:

    no shit sherlock. oh and this isnt me typing its my magical pony robot, just thought you should know.

  10. XperiaArcS13 says:


  11. Shadowvampirefan says:

    Reminds me of Cyriak…

  12. realloud999 says:

    Gay guy in the background :-X

  13. roshan keni says:

    Call MIB

  14. xXxJohnCarloxXx says:

    -_- stupid, do you really think that this is real.

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