Robot Footage & Photos at Giza Pyramid!

Djedi is a robot inside the pyramid exploring tunnels and new rooms. People can’t go where the robot can, so he serves a functional purpose in the project. It gathers live footage and photos from its small camera.

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20 Responses to Robot Footage & Photos at Giza Pyramid!

  1. Stupidityindex says:

    I am an electrical/mechanic trained person so I am biased in favor of an energy machine. It It looks like it was built to take solar energy and sink it to ground with perhaps a transformer for relay to outside. “If feels like you are in a machine, and you don’t want to be in here when it’s working”

  2. Rzevitanka says:

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  3. znile1 says:

    Well that was the point and now this guy is talking about how bad builders the egyptians were when we cant eaven build better or like them.

  4. jedslather says:

    No one really knows that…

  5. yahshuah29 says:

    “I don’t think any Youtube comment ever proved anything” well it proves the person posting can write albeit with varying proficiency, it proves that they or someone they know owns a computer, it proves that they can read, it proves that they can see. It can prove a lot depending on the intelligence of the observer! “I also don’t think the fact that humans built the pyramids, and not space-men NEEDS proving” Tell that to the millions of morons who believe it! Lol You’re not very good at thinking

  6. mellowb1rd says:

    That’s why you nutjobs fail. Nobody can be 100% certain why it was built. And we can’t be certain HOW it was built unless we dismantle it. ALL the actual REAL-WORLD, PHYSICAL evidence points to the pyramids being built as tombs for the pharoahs. There is ZERO evidence supporting any “alien builders” or “magical energy absorbing devices” theory. So how about you ask one of your “sources” (the nutjob authors) to explain those same things logically? What answer do you think you’d get? NOT logic.

  7. znile1 says:

    Explain logically what the giza pyramid was build for, what purpose did it serve ? how was it built ?

  8. znile1 says:

    If this is as idiotic as you say… Demonstrate a logical working theory on how the pyramids were built then..

  9. mellowb1rd says:

    Makes as much sense as any of the other alien-builder theories. And it’s in a movie, which means there is more evidence for it than any of the other alien-builder theories.

  10. mellowb1rd says:

    Ok, you need to STOP falling for these idiotic theories that come along every few years. Firstly, every star in the constellation of Orion is visible with the naked eye, but there is absolutely NO reason to believe the Egyptians were trying to recreate it with pyramids. But if they were, it would be pretty damn easy. I seriously doubt they knew the speed of light. There is absolutely ZERO evidence that they did. There’s nothing to suggest the pyramids were built by anyone but us.

  11. MsSexAction says:

    The Predator built the pyramids!!

  12. TheCls63 says:

    it doesnt matter 1000 or 10000 years of making, how can you put relativly all pyramids under the Orion constalation without Telescope or anything else, did they had and device or something to calculate the speed of light? i never said that alien were related cuz i dont believe it at all, but theres one thing that im sure, the pyramids werent build buy humans with their technology

  13. thecircleisperfect says:

    … Is the music from a game?!?! I recognise it… Half Life 1 maybe??

  14. mellowb1rd says:

    I don’t think any Youtube comment ever proved anything. I also don’t think the fact that humans built the pyramids, and not space-men NEEDS proving.

  15. yahshuah29 says:

    Thank you for proving my point! They are not space alien teleportation machines & Kurt Russel can not know the truth because he nor his ancestors nor anyone he knows built them or knew those who built them.


    yea but still it would be amazing and surely piss off future people if they figured out this was all a huge troll from the ancients I mean its not hard for the kings from that time to do it they had lots of slaves so it is possible

  17. 7erikgiles says:

    a lot of work for limited gain if this does not serve a practical purpose; allthe more so with no power sources (supposedly)

  18. mellowb1rd says:

    Yeah, we are deluded into thinking those big piles of rocks aren’t really space-alien teleportation machines. Only Kurt Russel knows the truth.

  19. mellowb1rd says:

    …various, randomly selected measurements until they get the number they were already looking for. The very idea the pyramids are “precise” is nonsense. The outer casings have been removed; there is nothing to measure. The Egyptians were building pyramids for 1000 years before they built the great pyramid and you can see them go from crap mud-brick mounds, to bigger and bigger pyramids over time, with a LOT of mistakes along the way. Forget the alien crap. Stay off those websites

  20. mellowb1rd says:

    Don’t be dense. We CAN build things vastly more precise. We simply don’t NEED to. Why triple the price of construction for no gain whatsoever. Ws also use steel, which needs to contract/expand a lot. There’s no reason for the Burj to be “precise”. It’s a hotel, not a spirit level. The pyramids have NOTHING to do with the circumference of the earth, the value of Pi, or the speed of light. Pyramid nuts have forced those numbers by randomly messing with…

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