Robot & Frank: review and trailer

Robot & Frank: review and trailer
His character gets a new lease of life when he takes up his old profession with his “robot” sidekick but despite the amusing premise this isn't funny, moving or eventful enough to merit a trip to the cinema. Verdict: 3/5. (12A, 90mins) Director: Jake …

Drone and Robot Advances Becoming Downright Creepy
I understand that robots and drones are going to play a big role in our future lives, but why are the more advanced ones always so creepy? A Swiss outfit known as the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, or LIS, has created a drone that can map and …
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Film Review: 'Robot & Frank'
A 'comedy' in the sense that Alexander Payne's films are 'comedies', Jake Schreier's Robot & Frank (2012) is a successful hybrid of genres that is at times touching, at other times laugh-out-loud humorous. The story follows protagonist Frank (an …
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