Robot Gift!

Robot Gift!

Image by caseorganic
@skry sent this robot to me in the mail. Since I am now part machine, I feel even more of an affinity towards it.

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4 Responses to Robot Gift!

  1. rocketcandy says:

    have you assigned a name to it yet? ^o^

  2. caseorganic says:

    No. Any ideas? I often just assign names like "robot". So he is "Robot", and my dino is "Dino".

  3. rocketcandy says:

    Why not name him "Domo" like "domo arigatou, mr. roboto" ? Or Parsley-jumper. Haha.

  4. caseorganic says:

    Parsley-jumper? Haha. Okay. That’ll do, mostly because it’s so odd-ball.

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