Robot guy, buying coffee

Robot guy, buying coffee

Image by henry…
This is one of those people whose response to a high concentration of tourists is to spray themselves grey and pretend to be a robot or a statue or something. Anyway, here he is, buying a coffee and perhaps a pasty as well. See, they really are human!

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5 Responses to Robot guy, buying coffee

  1. xandram says:

    This is an awesome shot! I esp. like looking at all the details like the electrical socket, fire alarm, signs, and then seeing the guy- like reality vs. fantasy! great capture.

  2. freshclaws says:

    great image

  3. djsm1ff says:

    well caught, great pic.

  4. catnicìosaig says:

    Excellent capture!

  5. dentworth says:

    Great shot.

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