Robot Joe

Robot Joe

Image by FlySi
A 3D robot I built and rendered using Final Gather with an hdr image as the light source.

Update: I uploaded a couple of the early sketches that Robot Joe originated from here and here.

Update 2: Check out Rude Robot Joe here!

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12 Responses to Robot Joe

  1. Lawrence Whittemore says:

    great job looks awesome!

  2. quimpg says:

    great robot! I love hdri!!

  3. Amundn says:

    Cute fella! Love the reflections and the clean surroundings :)

  4. thisaintjason says:

    Damn, good job.

  5. Trevor Nerbas says:

    very impressive! looks like a real robot! :)

  6. FlySi says:

    Thanks for all the positive feedback – it’s encouraging me to actually finish the animation that I had started so many months ago… It’s a little ironic that this is one of my most popular uploads, and it’s not even a photograph (although it does incorporate one). Still… it feels a little like cheating.

  7. cyberchaos says:

    Cute character, and nice render!

  8. kingb3000 says:

    Hi FlySi, Very cool robot! I wanted to let you know that we used Robot Joe on our website for an open source chat bot framework called BenderJab ( We referenced your flickr account and pointed people to the original file and the Creative Common license. I wanted to thank you for sharing your work via the CC license and hope you feel this is an appropriate use of "Robot Joe". If you want like us to add anything as part of attribution, please let us know. Thanks again!

  9. smiley ;) says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called ROBOTS :] 2008, and we’d love to have this added to the group! Plus add any other pics of robots you have!

  10. jubylei says:

    Hey I thought I would let you know that I am using Robot Joe as a desktop image for my eMINTS classroom. The students will be completing a webquest learning how to add and subtract using a number line. We renamed Robot Joe Z-Bot for the purposes of the webquest (Hope you don’t mind). My 7th grade students and I appreciate your work and you being so kind as to let us use with the CC license. Our webquest is going to be CC licensed too!… There will be a link in the Resource section attributing your work. Nice job! :)

  11. FlySi says:

    @jubylei Thanks! That’s really cool – I’m glad you and the students like it. I keep putting it off, but now I really should do something more with him!

  12. alexthoth says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Robot Art, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

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