Robot One Prototype One

Robot One Prototype One

Image by Randomskk
Robot One is the first robot my friend and I have put together.
It’s got an Arduino + Protoboard tucked into its guts, a Sharp IR sensor atop a servo, an ultrasonic sensor at the front and two modified servos for wheels. There’s a 4xAA battery box holding 4 rechargable NiMH batteries, taped underneath.
The chassis base is cardboard from a Farnell box, the main fastener is red PVC tape.

Right now, it is capable of driving forwards, and turning around when it detects something is a few centimeters ahead of it – the IR sensor is not yet used, though it is wired up.

Improvements (coming soon!): Chassis out of black high-impact polystyrene, fasteners out of screws, geared motors for control, dedicated PCB or at least Arduino shield for microcontroller control.

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