Robot Sumo Is Real Sumo!

Robot Sumo, as it is ‘played’ in Japan is truly a robot version of real sumo with all the action, excitement, and drama. For the latest robot news, information, reviews, hacks, photos, and videos with special on-site coverage direct from Japan, see Robots Dreams at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to Robot Sumo Is Real Sumo!

  1. Roque Becerra de Leon says:

    todo sarraa

  2. Salman ali says:

    Ohh man!!!!!!! Such high speed motors with tremendous Torque!!!!!!!!!! How much does it cost u ?

  3. mre1010 says:

    There is nothing wrong with Japanese people they are more intelligent than you, you scumbag pig. Whats your degree in,wankerism. Plus i am not your friend and would never want to be with a racist piece of shit such as yourself.

  4. BreakBeatWilNevaDie says:

    1. Im at university so I dont live with my mum… Ill get a job after I get a degree… No they did not invent the pc/laptop. Secondly 48% of japs would have a virtual wife rather than a real one, there is something wrong with them. You my friend, are a twat.

  5. mre1010 says:

    fuck you, you fat racist piece of shit scum. Why don’t you stop living with your mum and get a fucking job rather than trolling some of the most intelligent races on the planet, you twat. These people probably invented the pc/laptop your sat on and the games console you sit on your fat arse playing all day whilst criticizing others when your not exactly so great yourself. Ignorant Pig.

  6. Tudor3171 says:

    I make a wrong : Robots are independent , and the robots with remote control are just toys with remote”

  7. Tudor3171 says:

    there is remote control . I make robotics at school and my teacher say : “Robots are independent robots are just toys with remote ” . Excuse me from wronmg words because I`m romanian and I dont know verry good english

  8. GropagaGTM says:

    but there is no race greater than japs in anyway

  9. coolbuddywin says:

    1:17 awesome ramp

  10. coolbuddywin says:


  11. kdjfnrjfjvfjfk says:

    Nice evade at 2:56.

  12. myusualchannel says:

    Watching sumo bots is second only to FRC :)

  13. clicksish says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shitttttttttttttttttt craziessssstttttttt

  14. Keith Ferrer says:

    @amkdeath, if there’s no such thing as roboticist, then what will you call me? arse! (what’s a book?) LOL!

  15. BreakBeatWilNevaDie says:

    there is no race sadder or uglier than the japs!

  16. Zatonji67 says:

    they take steroids..

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