Robot Violinist

Toyota have unveiled a new robot that can play the violin. Albeit not particularly well. Where else to find Diagonal View… FOLLOW us on Twitter: or LIKE us on Facebook: check out our Robot themed playlist @

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23 Responses to Robot Violinist

  1. applebox247 says:

    meanwhile in America……

  2. Karri Osala says:

    reminds me of Eva from WaLL E

  3. HILLBILLY0169 says:

    Song sound familiar, what is it?

  4. ranien sekha says:


  5. Devyn Orozco says:

    No offense robot man but that was horrible.

  6. Cretaal says:

    this is the same guy who sees the lates breaking innovation in humanoid biorobotics that could change the world as we know it and ask…. “can you fuck it”

  7. YOMBOfilms says:

    As usual, Robots make all the emotional part away. It SUCKED.

  8. luciano mourao says:

    Take that honda!:D

  9. shoutout amir says:


  10. Jazztifier says:

    0:00-0:32 Classical music in porn would be.. indeed something extraordinary

  11. paraplegicgiraffe says:

    I’ve got a better idea… use your fucking ipod. It knows more songs and can play a variety of media.

  12. mitsunami613 says:

    …Pomp and Circumstance? The graduation song? I don’t wanna know what kind of porn you watch.

  13. cmpunk5038 says:

    2010?! its 2013 now!!

  14. totallyobsessed384 says:

    OF course. The Robot was made in Japan -_-

  15. madderbass says:

    Ok, now let’s see a robot playing some Paganini.

  16. Daniel Vijayasegar says:

    Im better at the violin at that robot but hes really good.

  17. Jazztifier says:

    Whats up with the pornmusic?

  18. helgafauziyahhrf says:


  19. Valeria Olivera says:

    Hasta una máquina sin sentimientos toca el violín mejor que yo D:

  20. Adam Caith says:

    Is strawman fallacy a common thing with Youtube idiots ?

  21. Artemi Ho says:

    Hey, not bad!

  22. TotalOrchDork says:

    Now I want to see it shift.

  23. nugagim says:

    You used the definition of soul from google but ignored the second definition it offered, “2.A person’s moral or emotional nature or sense of identity.” Which is a perfectly rational sense it might be used in. If a little problematic because of the connotations you address, it could work in the context Jeff Ding was using. That said, with his “and no science can ever hope to quantify them. If you think otherwise, then I pity you.” He does seem to be talking out of his posterior. So… meh.

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