Robot Workers: Coexistence Is Possible

Robot Workers: Coexistence Is Possible
The robots are coming. Resistance is futile. From car factories to microprocessor plants to fulfillment warehouses, a single robot can now handle tasks that once took hundreds of man-hours to complete. This relentless march of automation is causing …
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Meet Kenshiro: Japan's creepy boy robot with an aluminum skeleton and 160
Say hello to Kenshiro, a 5'2" humanoid robot that moves with creepy precision. While other human-like machines such as DARPA's Petman plod along clumsily as if they could fall at any time, Kenshiro's individual arms, legs, and spine can bend and rotate …
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Automatic Bartender Could Shake Up Air Travel | Skytender Robot Servant
A few airline passengers recently experienced the novelty of getting their coffee, beer and soft drinks dispensed by an automated bartender trolley. That maiden flight of the "Skytender" trolley represents a possible step along the long road toward a …

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