Robotics on the cutting edge of surgery

Robotics on the cutting edge of surgery
Few people go through life without having to go under the knife at least once. Surgery is among the most stressful and demanding of medical procedures for patients and doctors alike, and even the minutest of advancements in the field constitute a …
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Miners take "rail-veyors" and robots to automated future
Organized labor has made its peace with the automation drive, although there were some concerns that robots would displace humans. "We're ok with automation, it's part of the changing times and it's a good thing for productivity," said Myles Sullivan …
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Docking Stations Let Sea Robots Recharge Batteries
From unmanned boats and mine-seeking robots to solar-powered surfboards that autonomously hunt sharks, the sea will soon be crowded with robotic vessels. But how will they power up when they're running low on battery life? The Battelle Memoral …
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