“Robots Attack” – Written By A Kid Ep 6 by Jimmy Marble

Maile Martinez spins a tale of an evil robot builder as he and his army attempts to take over Texas, CA. View the Director’s Cut of Robots Attack at youtu.be Check out the BTS of Robots Attack! youtu.be Watch Episode 5 of WBAK! youtu.be Need more? Check out episode 4! youtu.be Subscribe…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Robots Attack” – Written By A Kid Ep 6 by Jimmy Marble

  1. jaymichaelatx says:

    I am from Austin Texas, California.. I saw the whole thing!!!!!

  2. Chasewaffle says:

    “I’ve been very evil.” “Did you crash an airplane?” “….” “I made you your favourite soup. “

  3. AnkokuEvangeline says:

    No, when he’s with his grandma he speaks Spanish, it’s a home/outside world thing, not evil/good. Jeeeez.

  4. Chasewaffle says:

    What that MUSIC!? I gotta know :D

  5. XimersLand says:

    When he’s evil he speaks Spanish, when he’s good he speaks English…nice

  6. neurofault says:

    Texas, CA?  It’s pronounced ‘Austin’

  7. mii5159 says:

    why does she wear a watch on her knee? XD

  8. MiSsDeDeFrOgS says:

    digggin the music

  9. archerytag says:

    Epic story! I’ll have to check out the Director’s Cut sometime.:-)

  10. TheMaceez says:

    Best episode yet. It actually makes some since.

  11. leopold621 says:

    I didn’t know robots could die. Even if they’re only part robot…

  12. stoopfrench says:

    this is my favorite episode!!!

  13. Makenzie Kaapke says:

    why is she wearing a watch on her leg…

  14. Nin4az says:

    I could see this made into a full length movie….

  15. Choeyi Lam says:

    Texas :(

  16. libby6lib says:

    I love the music in this one!

  17. NinaQueenofSpades says:


  18. Veepu Eco says:

    This should be a full length movie!

  19. AznZmobie says:

    Where is the music from this episode? I need the soundtrack to this episode! :(

  20. Tigresspink says:

    I like smiling too! :) :) :) :) :)

  21. ADuckOnTheComputer says:

    Why the fuck is there a key to a entire city? Is there like a building named City?

  22. InsanitySilver says:

    I wonder if the evil scientist is sponsored by Coke.

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