ROBOTS by Dan Mangan official music video directed by Mike Lewis

Inspired by early 80s gang movies, Robots tells the story of two rival gangs who engage in their own back-alley version of robot wars, pitting one robot against the other in a battle to the finish. But when one robot chooses compassion over malice, the gang members are forced to question their own hatred and animosity towards each other. ROBOTS by Dan Mangan CONCEIVED & PRODUCED by Dan Mangan & Mike Lewis WRITTEN & DIRECTED by Mike Lewis CINEMATOGRAPHY by Todd M Duym EDITED by Tariq Hussain & Mike Lewis WARDROBE STYLIST Krista Sung ART DIRECTION Colin Moore & Scotty Chan STILLS PHOTOGRAPHER Frank Nelissen CAST (in order of appearance) Dan Mangan Ben Worcester Lindsay Drummond Aaron Joyce Tyler Bancroft Nick Hunnings Tariq Hussain Zach Gray Kirsten Slenning Colin Moore Thanks to everyone involved in the making of this video, especially the people who came out and danced in the rain. You’re all heroes! We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canada Music Fund) and of Canada’s Private Radio Broadcasters.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to ROBOTS by Dan Mangan official music video directed by Mike Lewis

  1. jakkiekicksass says:

    dan’s perfect

  2. Daniel Haigh says:

    PiGam pride!

  3. gilliangirl1 says:

    I think the video speaks to the idea that the world needs more compassion and less competition, especially harmful (i.e. fighting) competition.

  4. TasticApp says:

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  5. Jane3372 says:

    Great robots! That made them happy.

  6. TheSimonMorin says:

    its funny cause his older brother who lives in the yukon knows and plays with dan too

  7. TheSimonMorin says:

    my buddy jackson was the kid in the robot mask who was dancing on stage. its funn

  8. 416griffo says:

    that was one of the coolest things I saw at Osheaga

  9. JuniorMintz8 says:

    The robot hat guy was the happiest person at Osheaga by miles

  10. JuniorMintz8 says:

    Exactly how I felt, magical

  11. Spitzrock says:

    Oh man his Osheaga performance was amazing- the way he engages the crowd in such a chill way yet still energizes everyone- especially the guy with the robot hat- that must have made one hell of a FB status

  12. snarf4worldpeace says:

    His Osheaga performance was one of the best of the weekend! I had heard a few of his songs prior to his performance but fell completely in love with him by the end of the set. ‘Robots’ was perfect.

  13. SunshineIsNeeded says:

    I loved Dan’s performance of this at Osheaga!! The guy with the robot head definitely helped

  14. rococo7777 says:

    This may be my favourite music video. Ever. Dan was at Osheaga yesterday, and this song was turned into a fantastic sing-along of “Robots need love too…” So great.

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