Robots dance like Michael Jackson

Robots dance like Michael Jackson

The first Beijing College Student Robotics Competition featured dancing robots, boxing robots and even football-playing robots. . Report by Mark Morris. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at

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12 Responses to Robots dance like Michael Jackson

  1. BATFINKFRED says:

    listen numb nuts,say your piece and fuck off good lad

  2. BATFINKFRED says:

    piss off nonce

  3. BATFINKFRED says:

    do they fiddle kids like dear old mj..?

  4. Channelography says:

    I think we should embrace our new lifeless, A.I.-driven, mechanical overlords.

  5. michelemcguire29 says:

    Waste more money.  yaaaaaaa!

  6. saprano1972 says:

    Oh no! Looks like robots are one step closer to ruling the world. Like the terminator movies. We’re screwed ppl!!

  7. hussian almutawa says:

    They didnt Dance Like MJ -_- !!!

  8. hussian almutawa says:

    RIP Micheal Jackson best Dancer , singer , human….

  9. wbadgerjr says:

    robots for us all…

  10. 58ranier says:

    These peaple are amazing

  11. ChristianHolloway7 says:

    Oh great! A pedofile robot.

  12. MrDoublehappy says:

    Disney World

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