Robots Don't Destroy Jobs; Rapacious Corporate Executives Do

Robots Don't Destroy Jobs; Rapacious Corporate Executives Do
In his New York Times op-ed, “Robots and Robber Barons” (Dec. 9, 2012), Paul Krugman seeks to explain why, with corporate profits up, labor compensation is down. As part of the ongoing digital revolution, he argues, robots are throwing American workers …
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Robot settlers help colonize the moon
A robot descends slowly into a “skylight” on the Moon, the gateway to a lunar cave network sheltered from the harsh thermal environment and micrometeorites showering the surface. Its goal: to scout and construct habitats suitable for human beings.
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Why Robots Would Make Lousy Middle Managers
Dilbert creator Scott Adams thinks that robots would make ideal middle managers. “Management only becomes difficult when there are so many simple projects happening at the same time that a human can't keep them all straight,” he wrote in his blog.
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