Robots fighting in the rainforest?

Robots go off to boot camp: learn commands, how to fight in desert & water. CNN’s Chris Lawrence reports. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at Or visit our site at
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17 Responses to Robots fighting in the rainforest?

  1. MurderParadox says:

    The robot is high by the look in its eyes. Human-like machines are creepy, hire people with imagination to help with the designs. Make a small and light Feline shaped one.

  2. hgthgthgt123 says:

    Cool last scene. LoL

  3. MartianStories says:

    I swear to you, these things will rapidly evolve to the point where they make much better comments online than the VAST majority of YouTubers. Then again, so does my cat.

  4. josermaiz says:

    The robots are awesome

  5. CoryHatfield says:

    The robot has Stewie Griffin’s eyes.

  6. ChrisCa1601 says:

    How long until it gains sentience and decides to go after Sarah Connor?

  7. hejdiklump says:

    CRAP,,cancer will take over the world ,,it has begun,,,humans failed,,which this battle robot report has proven,,following some stupid ideas,,forgeting to remember who we really are,,jeeezzz …idiocracy,,bullshit all over my friend

  8. Beastkingzetta says:


  9. hejdiklump says:

    destroying is all you folks know…CRAP…FAILURE,,the more you separate from nature the more you are vulnerable,,sick,,dead

  10. MRayner59 says:

    Put them in charge of the banks. 

  11. bowerybaker says:

    did they not watch wall-e?

  12. LegitShooterGamer says:

    As long as we completely prevent it from getting something that could kill us, I’m okay with this.

  13. Indianwoodsman says:

    i wonder if they will fight the mexican drug cartels check out borderlandbeat for all the latest on the drug war

  14. Astralnaut says:

    Let’s make the Terminator movies a reality. Bad idea simply because our collective intellect is not balanced with the virtue of wisdom.Apes still throwing methaphorical feces at each other.

  15. Chex2331 says:

    It has begun.

  16. kabbypatty22 says:

    Robots will take over the world! :O

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