Robots to explore Mars moon

Robots to explore Mars moon
The spherical robots called hedgehogs are spiky to better cope with rolling and hopping across the surface of Phobos with its very low gravity. Marco Pavone, an assistant professor in Stanford University in collaboration with Nasa's Jet Propulsion …
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Disinfecting robots help prevent superbug infections at Hopkins
Even as epidemiologists worry about a shrinking arsenal of antibiotics to fight potentially deadly drug-resistant bacteria, researchers at Johns Hopkins Hospital are betting on another weapon to prevent infections: robots. It sounds more futuristic …
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Robots are taking your job and mine: deal with it
Now let's consider quadrant C, the new jobs created by automation—including the jobs that we did not know we wanted done. This is the greatest genius of the robot takeover: With the assistance of robots and computerized intelligence, we already can do …
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