Robots with emotions a possibility

Robots with emotions a possibility
PERNEM: Ever wonder how convenient life would be if the often tiresome tasks like cleaning your home could be completely automated. Well, that convenience could be a reality soon as robots will make life more comfortable for humans by performing tasks …
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Swarming Robots: Nanobot Miniature Drones Could Advance Micromedicine
"We are developing Artificial Intelligence to control robots in a variety of ways," said Dr. Roderich Gross, head of the University of Sheffield's Natural Robotics Lab, in a news release. "The key is to work out what is the minimum amount of …
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Taking LEGOS to new limits, as robots
IMLAY CITY — Never send a man to do a kid's job seemed to be one of the lessons at Monday nights Imlay City School Board meeting. Dave Spence, a fifth grade teacher and science teacher at Borland Elementary, brought two of his students from last year …
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