Rome Cooking Class

Rome Cooking Class
Event on 2016-06-20 10:00:00
Travel is about visiting new places and learning the history, culture and traditions of those places. When in Rome, why don’t you opt for this unique opportunity to learn Italian culture, habits and traditions, by joining Rome Cooking Class and discover some secrets of the worldwide known cuisine.

You can join us for a Rome cooking class with a licensed Chef Andrea Consoli who will teach you how to prepare typically Italian dishes and afterwards you will fully understand why Italian cuisine is so famous around the world. After this cooking class you will be able to prepare some masterpieces of the Italian cuisine on your own and you will also know how to combine together different spices, different shapes of pastas and several sauces. You will discover the chef’s secrets and will have new recipes to bring back home as a prize of your travel.

You will meet Chef Consoli near the local market Campo de’ Fiori in the very center of Rome where, you and your chef will choose the freshest ingredients. Afterwards, with the newly acquired treasure of spices, fresh herbs, pasta and vegetables, you will reach the professional kitchen studio nearby the market where the real artwork will start. With your chef you will prepare dishes of Italian pasta: stuffed pasta, short piece pasta + sauce, long piece pasta + sauce. You will also have the opportunity to prepare one of the most typical Italian side dishes. At the end, you and your chef will prepare with you an Italian dessert. You effort will be awarded with the lunch made of the meal you prepared during the morning combined with an excellent Italian wine. The Rome cooking class will also give you the opportunity to have fun and learn some Italian “chef’s secrets” in a small group of cooking lovers.

The Rome cooking class takes place in one of the most characteristic Roman neighborhoods, Trastevere, where you can still experience some of the old habits and traditions of the local inhabitants. Moreover, the cooking class studio is in one of the oldest and picturesque streets of this unique neighborhood.

However, if you prefer to combine this class with a walking tour, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our chef is available to prepare only for you, your family and friends a private dinner and we can guarantee you a fantastic experience. Good fun and a delicious meal will be one of the best experiences you’ve had in Rome.

at Viale di Trastevere

Rome, Italy

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