Roofers Focus on Online Marketing this Summer to Get the Phone to Ring

Kennebunk, Maine (PRWEB) May 19, 2013

The summer is the busiest time of year for most roofers. It picks up in the spring, slows down in the winter, and gets almost deathly quiet during the winter. It is the nature of the beast. With a business that deals with working on the roofs of homes, it can be a bit difficult to work on replacing and repairing roofs during the cold, winter months. Now that spring is here and summer is on the way, local contractors are scrambling to put things into motion in an effort to gain roofing leads.

My Local Leads has been helping roofers, painters, builders, and other local contractors with their local search and search engine optimization efforts. One of the key factors in successfully marketing a local company is diversification. That means that local business owners cannot put all of their marketing dollars into one basket. They need to have different campaigns running simultaneously to gain the most from any effort.

This summer, My Local Leads will be launching a number of layered services that will help new and existing clients benefit from online marketing diversification. These services will focus specifically on organic content creation and curation, online video marketing, mobile website optimization, and more.

Local online marketing is a multi-faceted discipline. Business owners need to be able to claim, update, and manage social media profiles. Some of this is relatively straight forward. It includes claiming free Google Maps listings. There is a lot more than simply putting a name and a link on the internet, though, when it comes to getting a business noticed. Those listings have to stand apart from the rest. This includes using media rich techniques along with linking different platforms together to gain the most from each. For example, a Google Map listing works best in conjunction with a plan to actively improve online reputation and gain positive online reviews.

These new plans from My Local Leads this year will help roofers and other local contractors get a handle on their local online marketing efforts. When more than half of consumers use their mobile phones to search for local businesses and services, taking advantage of current and upcoming technologies is of paramount importance. There is a reason most local business owners need the assistance of a specialty marketing firm. The traditional marketing techniques must be used in conjunction with modern technologies. Those technologies are constantly changing. Keeping up with those changes is more than a full time job. Business owners need a specialist that knows the landscape and can hit the ground running. They simply do not have the time to develop the necessary expertise to get the most from their online marketing budget.

These specialized services from My Local Leads will provide easily quantifiable results. They also allow local businesses to focus on different aspects of the business and the marketing plan, taking everything through various phases rather than trying to spread the budget too thin right off the bat. Roofers working with My Local Leads this summer will be able to incrementally enhance their business and get the phone to ring by developing a game plan that works for local business marketing.

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