Ross Nanotechnology Introduction.flv

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  1. AynoTube says:

    i need it badly where can i order? :)

  2. JulianNeigenfind says:

    If you would make a suid out of that and jump in a pool you will probably brake a leg or something

  3. Versatile2611 says:

    what would happen if you sprayed this on a windshield, and then drove in the rain?

  4. vertigo7096 says:

    Accept they haven’t released the shit to the public yet and I’m pissed, WHY WONT YOU TAKE MY MONEY WTF!!!!

  5. QuicksilverRZ says:

    never have to clean your car again, never have to scrape your windshield on cold mornings! love it!

  6. jazztom86 says:

    what happens if I confuse it with my breath spray?

  7. Es3RdLevel says:


  8. mintyfresh9080 says:

    There are SO many amazing applications for this: never ruin your clothes, never short out electronics, never get your bike or car rusty, etc.

  9. blo0magic says:

    This would be a good application for water hoses for fire figters to use. This would make water shoot out faster.

  10. MrChuy0123 says:

    Your Food O.O

  11. augustimnot says:

    Put this on my driveway, on my roof, on my shoes, on my clothes, on my phone, on my laptop, on my car seriously what will I not put this stuff on?

  12. Brian Keeler says:

    I want to coat my house in this stuff

  13. JimmyJazz13333 says:

    Concerning Ice it is not true!!! Freezer ice and atmospheric icing are two completely different things!

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