Roy Hibbert & Google Glass

Roy Hibbert, center for the Indiana Pacers, wears a pair of Google Glass at the gym. See what it looks like from Roy’s perspective as he shoots, dunks, and b…

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16 Responses to Roy Hibbert & Google Glass

  1. Abhay Iyer says:

    At least in a scrimmage.

  2. Kevin Nguyen says:

    they should have all the players in an actual basketball game wear these glasses to see what goes on inside the court. It would be an interesting perspective.

  3. najirban says:


  4. TheLonelyGeneral says:

    Damn dawg, that’s cold.

  5. ipwnukazu says:

    he makes a full sized hoop look like a 8 feet one lol

  6. WASIV says:

    do they call them Googles? if they dont they should

  7. Ewan Donachie says:

    i want google glass nothing else matters

  8. Argee11 says:

    If this was Greg Oden, we’d all have motion sickness from the vibrations in his knees

  9. TheMusketITuckedIt says:

    Wish he was wearing a pair when he muffed the fuck outta that fatboy Carmelo lol

  10. MrDoom121 says:

    Damn from his view the rim looks like 2 feet away

  11. Noel Y says:

    he’s gonna use this to beat the heat!

  12. Willie Mata says:

    I like this one

  13. goodfellow1984 says:

    hibbert glass

  14. nick papadopous says:

    cool :D

  15. Xepa777 says:

    I feel taller after watching that video.

  16. oreoking360 says:

    Whatever team is doing well lol

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