(PRWEB) October 1, 2003

Another golden feather in the crown has been added to The Rozaleenda Group, Inc., the global provider of Web, Media, E-Business and Telecom solutions. Recently, the biggest outsourcing community of the world has rated The Rozaleenda Group, Inc. as the ‘World’s #1 SME In Customer Relation Services’.

This rating includes various important CRM related aspects like ‘Customer Management’, ‘Client Communications’, ‘Client Interactions’ and ‘Customer Satisfactions’ etc. Based on all these sections, the members of the Selecting Committee have honored The Rozaleenda Group, Inc. by declaring it the number one SME in the world, who is providing a true and one-to-one approach towards the ‘Customer Services’ system.

According to Mr. Swagato Gangopadhyay [Founder/Owner/CEO of The Rozaleenda Group, Inc.], this honor certainly uplifts the position of the company in the arena of the media design and web development industry. After this new achievement of being declared the leading company in ‘Customer Services’ worldwide, Rozaleenda is receiving approximately 3/4 web and media projects each day. Within next few months down the line, the company will be setting up a bigger and better developmental office, located at Calcutta, India, with various new facilities and highly advanced technical infrastructure.

But that is not the end of the story. Rozaleenda’s journey does not end here. “World’s topmost position in the field of web and media development” is the dream which The Rozaleenda Group Inc. is now aiming to fulfill in the coming months.

## WHO WE ARE ##

Operating since 1996, The Rozaleenda Group, Inc., the global provider of Web, Media, E-Business and Telecom solutions, now has over 30+ divisions and subsidiary companies, and ‘The W2N Global Network’ has been operated from 45 offices and more than 230 PoPs worldwide. Rozaleenda provides a broad range of solutions like web development, multimedia, animation, graphics, print media, identity branding, web services like internet access, domain registrations, web hosting, internet based marketing, as well as telecom solutions like calling cards, long distance calling solutions etc.

We have designed and developed more than 300+ web sites, since 1996. Our portfolio also includes some very well-known Flash based sites, big online Portals and other Ecommerce sites.

Apart from the whole site design and development, we are the premier Domain Registrar and Unix/Win2K Hosting Provider in the world. We can register the domain (at $ 9.99 yearly) and host your site in our world’s fastest web server, starting at $ 2.99 monthly.

The web hosting division [ of The Rozaleenda Group, Inc., provides world-class virtual hosting packages ranging from 5MB to 300MB, and different plans for Unix, Windows 2000, E-Commerce, ColdFusion, Database etc. With the world’s best hosting Control Panel ‘H-Sphere’ (Developed by Positive Software Corporation), and the host for various other unique features and advanced technologies, Rozaleenda has already hosted more than 5000+ web sites, in over 175 countries. The multi-million dollar state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) of The Rozaleenda Group is located at Orlando (Florida), USA. Rozaleenda has already become one of the most popular hosting providers in the industry today.

An independent internet monitoring service called AlertSite tested The Rozaleenda Group, Inc. as one of the fastest connected web site in the world. In the ‘Site Speed’ test, done by AlertSite, Rozaleenda did amazingly well, and leaving far behind some of the Internet’s most popular destinations. The result indicates that is faster than the sites like CNN, Google, Dell, Yahoo, Amazon,, Altavista, ESPN, HotBot, Napster, Disney, eBay, Earthlink etc. To read more about this news, you can check it out ‘PRWeb Press Release’ located at now.

Rozaleenda builds lasting, meaningful strategic partnerships with the web industry leaders for both our clients and our partners’ clients. Our solutions, products, services and technologies make us a popular partner for a wide range of companies around the world. We are very interested to receive your questions, queries or requests for information and ideas regarding our organization.

For more information about The Rozaleenda Group, Inc., you can visit its corporate web site located at If you are further interested to know about the solutions, products and software offered by Rozaleenda, please feel free to contact us at anytime you wish. We are truly working 24/7 at your service.

• Media/Press Contact

Ms. Melissa Jensinel

Chief Director, Public Relations


• The Rozaleenda Group, Inc.

Phone: (+1 206) 984-2222

Fax/Vmail: (+1 413) 487-4444



• Written By Swagato Gangopadhyay. Copyright © The Rozaleenda Group, Inc. All brand names, service marks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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