RSS Feeds Made Simple Using Build-it-yourself Program from ‘Website Rankings’ Instruction Manual

Mansfield, OH (PRWEB) January 19, 2006

RSS Feeds made simple using Build-it-yourself program from “Website Rankings” instruction manual.

Website Rankings book gives step-by-step instructions for building RSS Feeds that even an amateur can use and be successful. The information in the book provides Website Owners a free RSS Reader to better format your text. An outline example of an RSS Feed is provided to make it easier for anyone to use.

Website Rankings provides directions on formatting RSS Feeds to create an XML document using Notepad as your template. The guidelines in this book are self-explanatory in creating an RSS Feed and converting them into an XML document that can be easily uploaded to your server. A Directory of submission sites is included in this book so that ranking on the search engines will greatly improve.

Website Rankings complete instruction manual has many free tools included that will take a Website to a higher ranking on the search engines. One of the free tools included in this book is a Feed Validator to insure that your RSS Feed is correct and up to specifications to be submitted on the search engines. Website Rankings Ebook is designed to take a Website to the top on the major search engines. RSS Feeds are a major factor in boosting a Website Ranking. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Complete information about this book and SEO is available at: Written by: Bill Naugle Th. M.

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