rub with Loin in, Magaliesburg,South Africa =
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14 Responses to rub with Loin in, Magaliesburg,South Africa =

  1. richard gordon says:

    They are ahead of time

  2. jaydollYtube says:

    Wow! Hope he fed those cats?

  3. mzuvendi says:

    Only people who have small brains like animals would dare trust these beasts. How many times we have seen on tv screens lions mauling their masters for no apparent reason. Animals should be in the wild not kept as pets. But man always try to stretch the boundaries ends up with life!

  4. gardongabaron says:

    i heared this person lives in south africa and he raised the lions since they were cubs he can’t play with wild lions in the jungle

  5. rastanevarunaway says:


  6. Torcida12Rotterdam says:

    If we where only capable to talk to lions. [dreaming]

  7. DACOOPSTER1 says:


  8. mahir248 says:

    cooll man

  9. maria lúcia schneider jamil says:

    Maravilhoso !!!!

  10. monio191 says:

    o kurwa!!!!!!!!!!

  11. MrBilbo13 says:

    This one is brave !

  12. Berndaustria says:

    hehe goes as human between 3 medium lions and 1 hyen..^^

  13. XRemorazzX says:

    Its spelled lion, not loin

  14. PrettyBoyCranking says:

    he raised those animals. so maybe so maybe not.

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