Rumor Has It – Will Google Maps app swoop in and save iOS 6? Nintendo’s Wii U is probably going to be region-locked, to nobody’s surprise. Soon you may be able to wake your phone up by yelling at it, and Apple Mapgate 2012 has an effect on someone very near and dear to our hearts.
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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24 Responses to Rumor Has It – Will Google Maps app swoop in and save iOS 6?

  1. Дмитрий Ивахненко says:

    On the girl on right

  2. Дмитрий Ивахненко says:

    Elephant tatto

  3. MicDizzle2 says:

    Google Maps was soooo much better!

  4. aortablue says:

    why why why :(!!!!!!

  5. kevatnorthfield says:

    just give me google map app or im going to android

  6. ISpinHoes says:

    Emily looks so annoying when she talks

  7. Ibrar Tariq says:

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  8. EndlesssScenery says:

    F**k this show CNET & Apple= sh*t.

  9. Marthurx2x says:

    She could of googled it on safari

  10. Gabriel Salvador says:

    This show sucks. They try too hard, the acting is too scripted. They sound awkward too. REMOVE THIS SHOW PLEASE. One of your reporters is having a gender confusion.

  11. Jose Espinza says:


  12. Jose Espinza says:

    Thats what im still trying to figure out!?!! Seriously this SHOW SUCKS!

  13. usvc1 says:

    Unfortunately these hosts are pretty awful..

  14. DSAhmed says:

    Screw apple maps. If google puts out an app, I’ll pay money for it.

  15. saifMSK says:

    are they lesbians?

  16. ivancedillo8 says:

    Why is this show still not canceled

  17. Eflythescienceguy says:

    I watch this show just to give it a thumbs down

  18. Mitchell Xiao says:

    Fucking Hate This Show

  19. thebestpopmusic00 says:

    Lol. I think posting hateful comments is useless. Lol find something better to do.

  20. thebestpopmusic00 says:

    @laylownismo omg Your a troller. Forever alone

  21. donmaga1 says:

    This show is

  22. technomann88 says:

    Please remove the hosts or remove the show, they are so annoying.

  23. muscleMaddnessV8 says:

    Karyne is soo hardcore Butch, it’s disturbing!!

  24. alvarenga2007 says:

    This show has no point.

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