Running Man Ep 144 [ Eng Sub] : Cha In Pyo, Ricky Kim, Seo Jang Hoon

[130505] Running Man Episode 144 Children’s Day Special For English subtitles, click the ‘CC’ button on the bottom right! Guests: Cha In Pyo, Ricky Kim, and …

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22 Responses to Running Man Ep 144 [ Eng Sub] : Cha In Pyo, Ricky Kim, Seo Jang Hoon

  1. Cindy Tao says:

    Gary is so cute!! Flicking the potato off of jihyos legs. Monday couple hwaiting!!

  2. KendraShadow says:

    Giraffe is getting stronger! Wish he won more :(

  3. CeceRox4Ev says:

    RICKY KIM!!!!!!!! <3 <3

  4. lazyxmoo says:

    Ddakji King…YOO JAE SUK!

  5. Adhiti Chundur says:

    this is literally the first time i’ve actually seen Kwangsoo in a FIGHT!

  6. 808KANAZ says:

    When jaesuk oppa finally beat mr. Capable I cried tears of joy

  7. kaida1211 says:

    **The episodes before episode 90, my apologies.**

  8. kaida1211 says:

    Dear, Dramafever, you guys should definitely upload the episodes proceeding episode 90. But that’s just one fans opinion. I can’t speak for us all.

  9. JeffreyR1995 says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of back ground music in 25:54??

  10. NatsuDragneel1 says:

    I was just saying that to myself. im a dude so I don’t have feelings for Ricky lol. I am just a huge fan of him from dream team. Glad I don’t have to feel sad about this xD

  11. Aimagination96 says:

    To everyone who’s gushing over Ricky, y’all do know he’s married, right? With kids?

  12. Cassie Lee says:

    what were all the english songs that were played in this episode?? please and thank you

  13. twinklebumblebee says:

    The guests look strong by wen they are out not really

  14. Nelson Santos Torres says:

    Ricky Kim love u ~~~3

  15. sarangheshinee says:

    ricky kim <3

  16. Michael Kim says:

    someone farted 😛 1:06:07

  17. Nodamechan21 says:


  18. doodmooshoo says:

    Rofl.. poor ricky ddnt even get ti play the ddak ji game

  19. 01311997nan9 says:

    Jang hoon and haha are the best team-up ever lol :

  20. Jim Copley says:

    ricky kim, julien kang man korean mixed babies are always hot =_= BE MINE D:<

  21. Alisha Thao says:

    Wow~~ Daebak!Ricky Kim is hot!! <3

  22. Joy Ramirez says:

    In pyo hyung are so funny when I watch him in drama my first impresion was his a serious person in real haha but hes so funny I more love him now. Hope his coming back to RM again I like this ep.

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