Running Man Ep 160 [Eng Sub]: The Running Man Members’ Icy Ranking Race!

[130825] Running Man Ep 160 [Eng Sub] Subscribe: Watch More Running Man: Guests: Kim Kwang Gyu, Sa Yuri, Park San…
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22 Replies to “Running Man Ep 160 [Eng Sub]: The Running Man Members’ Icy Ranking Race!”

  1. Aww look at Ji Hyo’s hand during the hand slapping game with Kwangsoo. Her hands are so red it’s unbelievable. You could tell Kwangsoo somehow felt sorry & told to switch hands & eventually yelled at the end. 

  2. If you try to pay attention to jihyo and kwang soo interactions you’ll find that they often (if not always) sit together and he is always watching out for her.. And when they’re in the back ground he’s always helping her with something (smoothing out hair or putting on jacket) :’) 

  3. kwangsoo is the best at role playing. He is willing to throw everything in to play his role. I was surprised when he returned the ping pong ball with his mouth. When joongkook said your face looks too clean, he immediately dunked his head into the mud.

  4. Everyone is pitying kwang soo lol and I still remain unfazedxD Also a looong time ago in one of the earlier episodes I remember they had a guest and Jaesuk told them that kwang soo likes it when people tease and bully him on the show. In actuality I’m sure they all treat him just fine but in the show he likes playing a pitiful yet power hungry character being teased helps that character come out

  5. i wish whoever is in charge of captioning would stop using cuss words. the things theyre saying are perfectly ok but the captioner makes it seem like theyre cussing

  6. Not sure if I should laugh or be sad. This is how society is in the real world. There is a big gap between rich and poor. The higher class will always bully those below them, and the bullied will bully those who are weaker than them. It becomes a very sad cycle.

  7. When Jongkook oppa slapped YooHyuk’s hand I burst out laughing till tears, lol, cause not only did I feel the pain myself but I was thinking poor Grasshopper oppa lmao. Tiger oppa is soo ruthless. It was even more funny cause he said “It’s not going to hurt that much.” while smiling but then that sound…omfg oppa I think he broke something.

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