Russell Wilsons Success With The Seahawks Featured In New Article On Business By Seattle Internet Marketing Company

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) March 13, 2014

The lessons that can be learned from Russell Wilsons continued legacy of risk-taking and persistence reach far beyond the football field. In an article published by, a snippet of Russell Wilsons history is woven into an overarching lesson in business and marketing.

The article highlights the fact that even those who spend their days in company buildings, corporate meetings, and office cubicles have an opportunity to apply Wilsons example of relentless drive towards a goal, willingness to take risks, and persistence in the face of difficulties.

The article describes the difficulties that internet marketing companies face due to changing internet trends. The online marketing community operates in a fluctuating system of game changers, and, at times, a morphing environment that can thwart part of the success of marketing game plans.

Describing a snapshot of Wilsons quarterback career, the article goes through the steps that he took to overcome obstacles with his throwing technique, touching on how his throws had gone from being completely accurate to missing the mark entirely in the timespan of two football practices.

Wilsons methodology of correcting his technique is a tactic that all can apply, refusing to let unexpected hurdles thwart the accomplishment of ones goals.

Taking risks is a necessary component of any business strategy, and Russell Wilsons limelight example demonstrates how to assume the risk and take the responsibility when things dont go as planned.

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