Russian delegation to visit Georgia

Russian delegation to visit Georgia
An impressive delegation from Russia will head to Georgia for participation in this event. According to the organizers, this delegation will include Nicholas Dadiani – Commercial Director of "Afisha" and "Rambler" companies from 2010, director general …

More views as the turbine debate continues
We import the majority of our energy needs, we are at the mercy of countries in the Middle East and Russia. … He said: “I am speaking as a rambler who enjoys walking in the countryside in and around the proposed location of the turbines at Dorcas Lane.
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РБК отдыхает
В минувшем феврале, по данным TNS Russia, наиболее популярными в рунете были ресурсы, совокупная аудитория которых за месяц достигла 57,887 млн человек. Сайты "Яндекса" посетили 57,396 млн пользователей, социальную сеть …
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