Russian Journalists, You're Now Being Ranked in Real Time

Russian Journalists, You're Now Being Ranked in Real Time
Behind the new project is German Klimenko, the director and owner of LiveInternet, an online portal that offers a range of services, including website analytics and blogging. Klimenko … The information on the social-media traffic is provided by …
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Click Here! How to Use YouTube Annotations to Increase Engagement
YouTube rewards you with higher rankings if you keep people engaged longer, so one way to use annotations effectively if you're just trying to get traffic and raise awareness is to send people to more of your videos or elsewhere on YouTube. In order to …

Authorship Is Dead; Long Live Authorship
Publisher and Author Adoption of rel=author. If Google was hoping for mass scale implementation of rel=author tags all over the web, it did not come even close to happening. Not only did the … What About Author Authority As A Ranking Factor? Well, I …
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