17 Replies to “Rx Muscle: 2013 New York Pro Prejudging Big Ramy: The Next Mr O?”

  1. THAT IS NOT AESTHETICS. look at his simmetry… he need more calves.. he doesn`t have that 80`s classic shape look… phil heat will win UNTILL HE RETIRES

  2. Kai & Phil should not be scared.. Don’t get me wrong he’s a beast however this physique doesn’t flow like phil , kay , shawn or even jay’s ….. Beyeke & Curry are the real future …

  3. WOW! Ramy is almost there! He needs to loose a bit more water and come in tighter. I like that he doesn’t have a bloated stomach. He should be in the top 5 Mr. O this year!

  4. lol best answer yet… First of all brumbloke. Arnold was’nt natty ?. I said that in Arnolds time the bodybuilders looks better. Better symmetry. Small waist like i have. Now its too much. Isnt pretty. I look beacuse ive followed bodybuilding for years now and its my passion but i Think soon i dont give a fuck anymore beacuse they look like pregnant men !.

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