S Club 7 – 3.03 – Hollywood 7 – Public Relations – Part Three

S Club 7 - 3.03 - Hollywood 7 - Public Relations - Part Three

Series: S Club 7 Season: 3 (Hollywood 7) Episode: 3 (Public Relations) Part: Three.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to S Club 7 – 3.03 – Hollywood 7 – Public Relations – Part Three

  1. kanerfan88 says:

    i think rachel meant to say uneven bars parallel bars is a mens event

  2. TheeOfficialHannah says:

    4:28 and 4:47 I think it’s that bitch who’s in the wheelchair lol and 6:05 ish and after, they didn’t cover/change the chocolat bars boxes names (copyright/liability thing)… and Jon’s spot cream ad on the mags is back… at least they kept the continuity for that lol

  3. SClub7HFTF says:

    Aw, you’re welcome! That’s very nice of you to say. =]

  4. SClub7HFTF says:

    You’re welcome! Part 3 was weird. Everytime I tried to upload it, I would get an error. Glad I finally got it to work.

  5. nikkiham18 says:

    what the name of this song?

  6. arturocas90 says:

    WHAT?! I thought “Everybody Get Pumped” was recorded after Paul left

  7. Melanie Martinez says:

    “Windalberry Wigs, supporters of S Club 7 and bald people”!! LOL

  8. SClub7HFTF says:

    @nikkiham18 The song is called “You.”

  9. SClub7HFTF says:


  10. TheHongKongertv says:

    Loved Hannah’s hair.

  11. quixote09 says:

    funny laugh from rachelle 9:07

  12. silenthaunting says:

    Ahh, Jon’s spot cream advert comes back to haunt him! And they just stole those magazines!!!

  13. ItsMe Bet says:

    rachel’s voice really compliments bradley’s :)

  14. Luce Pycroft says:

    aww what a lovely wedding that would be, Jon and a ferret

  15. Lillian Purvis says:

    lol i actually like that wig on tina

  16. melraz says:

    aaah yaaayz!!! part 3 is now up!! ^^ wee thankies soo muxx for puttin this up! this brought me such very good memories haha thankies again 😀

  17. Ryan Smith says:

    since when is stealing magazines considered “getting lovely” lol love sclub

  18. 90sfanforever says:

    “I’d rather rip out my intestines with a teaspoon then spend five minutes alone with you” Uh gee Jon thanks for that image. Also, I love how they just randomly stole magazines.

  19. asdfvideos says:

    I love rachel’s voice! She can go from deep to high in a snap

  20. Kaynas1988 says:

    Eurgh i can’t stand the press they make up so many lies that the celebrities fans don’t know the truth from the lies

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