Sago Networks is Taking Advantage of AOL and Google’s Recent Cost Cutting Measures to Bring Low Cost Enterprise Grade Servers to the Small Business Owner

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) September 14, 2012

Enterprise Class Dedicated Server Hosting previously restricted to companies like Facebook and Google are now available at a fraction of the price, enabling small business to harness the same power that Google and Facebook built their empires with.

In 1987, it was discovered that by removing one olive from each salad served, the airline would save $ 70,000 per year. Similarly, due to the rapid pace of technology advancement, even the individually small gains realized from incremental increases in power, cooling, and efficiency add up to significant cost advantage in the scope of the modern data center.

A savings of $ 1 per month, although negligible to an individual, can yield millions in profit across millions of servers. Thus leading to obsoletion of powerful servers while they still outperform many new servers based on factors not relevant to the small business owner.

Why are datacenters keeping this a secret? Its simple economics, corporations are required to generate profits, and will never reduce the rate of a service unless the market demands it. So how does the average small business take advantage of this unprecedented collapse in price?

There are two primary tactics:

Play the same game – Dedicated Server Hosting can externalize the cost of hardware support, maintenance, and internet connectivity while providing the security, reliability, and performance of a world class data center without the extraordinary cost to develop it.

Changing the rules of the game – The disproportionate shift in performance per dollar lowers the cost barriers allowing small businesses to provide customized virtual platform which they can resell to their clients. Combine multiple servers with the hypervisor of your choice to build a truly robust offering. Rather than discrete hardware, or amorphous clouds, private and hybrid cloud technologies are now an accessible enterprise class solution on a shoestring budget.

Put simply, to maximize the performance for the dollar spent, strip away the veil that is cloud computing, dont accept overpriced solutions which fail to provide a cost advantage to the consumer, and directly harness the servers that power the largest data centers in the world.

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